Friday, January 9, 2009

We are now entering into a new year. Wow! I can’t even believe how fast time flew! 2008 was here...and now is gone. The Lord has just done SO much this past year. He has has taught me so many things about Himself and allowed me to see some amazing miracles first hand. Right now I’m just going to take a moment and cover briefly some of the things that have happened in 2008.

This time last year, My mom was diagnosed with cancer. Her, my dad and Elijah headed out this same week last year, to California. The Lord called Ted and Lisa Hojara and their two children, Caleb and Charmaine, to Haiti to fill in for my parents while they were gone. WHAT A BLESSING!!!! Vienna and I stayed with them for two months while we went to a Christian school here, in Haiti. After two months of being parents wanted us to join them in California. We were uncertain of when we would all be back together in Haiti again, so my parents decided that it was best for Vienna and I to be with them.

It was a difficult time for all us...watching my mom go through Chemo Therapy. She lost all of her hair and there were times when she so sick she wouldn’t get out of bed for days. The Lord just did SO much during that time, though. He showed us his faithfulness and continually showed his beautiful love for us through the people who prayed for us and encouraged us during that time. They were such an amazing blessing to my mom and to the rest of us! I love you guys so much!!

While we were in California , the Hojaras held down the fort in Haiti. They took such great care of the kidders at the orphanage and have done so much more. They have been such an amazing BLESSING and I am so happy to say that they have decided to join us in the ministry here! Praise Jesus! I can’t even express how happy I am that Jesus has called them here. The Lord is so good!

While we were in the States, I had the the opportunity to go on a one week missions trip to Mexico, for a week with a church youth group. It was an awesome experience being an MK and going on a missions trip to somewhere else that I wasn’t familiar of. I learned so much and got to know some amazing people that I will cherish in my heart for always. I’ll never forget my time there and the life lessons that I learned from it.

Vienna and I also had the opportunity to come back to Haiti for two weeks in June. A team put on a camp for our MDL kids and we got to be on staff. It was SO much fun and it was great to be able to be a part the kids first camp experience. The kids absolutely LOVED it and can’t wait for next year! The Lord just blessed us so much to be able to come back to Haiti and be the kids for that short time...definitely made us more anxious to get back home....but the Lord timing was perfect. :)

During our time in the states the Lord just did so much in our hearts. Everyday was just day of refining and drawing closer to Him. We had to learn to really TRUST Him and His PRFECT will during that time. It was so hard at times, especially being away from my brother and sister Kenny and Franchesca who weren’t able to come with us. They’re adoption papers aren’t quite done yet so they weren’t able to join us. It was a really tough time..but the Lord brought us through! He is so faithful!

After two Chemo treatments, my mom was tested CANCER FREE! about the power of prayer, huh? The doctors still insisted that she go through the 6 months of Chemo Therapy, she did. After the 6 months of Chemo, they wanted her to go through Radiation, just to kind of clear out the cancer just in case it wasn’t all gone. Thats when it got rough. The radiation just did a toll on her body and she ended up in the hospital for over a week. She couldn’t eat or drink, so they decided to hook up a feeding tube to her stomach.

On July 31st, the day that my mom was admitted into the hospital, my niece Soleil was born. :) What a beautiful BLESSING during such a tough time. The Lord,again just showed us his faithfulness and beauty, through one of His precious children.
Our Family was planning on moving back to Haiti August 10th...but because of my mom’s critical condition....we knew that it wasn’t God’s timing. As soon as we made the decision to not go back to Haiti that day, my mom slowly started to get better. Isn’t it amazing how God works when you just give up? As soon as you let go of your plans, desires, dreams....He gives back to you. We serve an amazing God!

My mom slowly started eating again and was released from the Hospital. After some time, my parents felt that it was time to send Vienna and I back to Haiti so that Vienna could start school. We left for Haiti August 15th and my parents and Elijah joined us in late September.

Our family reunion in Haiti was amazing! The kids at our orphanage and everyone else, were so happy to see my mom HEALED! They had been praying for her unceasingly, and to see the result of their prayers, just really boosted up their faith! It was such a beautiful day...I’m pretty sure I’ll never forget it.

So many other amazing things have happened - those were just some of the highlights of the year. :) Since I mentioned in my last entry about our Christmas program that was coming up, I’d like to say that it went wonderfully! Our MDL kids did SUCH and amazing job and definitely made the program a special treat. The Nativity skit was great....and hilarious. :) So we had live animals and all and lets just say that some of them just didn’t want to cooperate. lol Mary almost fell off the donkey and our “sheep” AKA goat, had to be dragged across the stage by one of the little boys. Must of thought it was being brought to be eaten or something. hahaha Anyways! We had well over 200 children come from the neighborhood to see the program. About 25 of them came up for the alter call and accepted Jesus as their Savior. Praise Jesus!! It was such a memorable night and we all can’t wait for next years program!

Well...I think it’s time for me to wrap this up. I love you all and hope that the Lord blesses you in the New Year!!