Monday, October 12, 2009

Daphne quote of the day...

So today I was teaching Daphne about the letter "D". She got really excited at one point and started yelling, "Devil D! Devil D!" I was super shocked that she was saying that for 1- I had no clue where she learned that from and 2- I was surprised that she put together that D is for Devil!

I looked at Daphne in shock and said, "D is for devil?!" She looked at me like she was scared and started singing, "D is for Bible! D is for Bible!"

I couldn't stop laughing! What a stinker!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Everyday goes by and ask myself....'will it ever end?'

Will the suffering ever end?
With the hardship ever end?
Will the crying ever end?

My sweet friend Mary France gave me her life story a little over a month ago. She shared with me that she had been with her boyfriend two years, after two years she got pregnant and had a son. When Angelo, her son, was 5 years old, she got pregnant again and told her boyfriend. One day she saw him packing up his stuff...she thought he was just going to work...but then he never came back. He left her in his house to pay rent and never returned. She had no money to pay rent, so they kicked her out. She's now a single mom, with a brand new baby, and no place to live.

This is the story of many women here. I have heard stories like this so many times, it kills me. Why does it have to be this way? Why are these people suffering? Why couldn't these men stay with their families? Why did they have to leave? These questions have gone through my head almost everyday...

There is a generational curse upon this island. The women move in with men, apart from marriage, because that's what their mothers and grandmothers did. The men leave their wives and children, because their fathers, and grandfathers did.... it goes from generation to generation. These generational curses are everywhere...not only in Haiti. The bottom line is, the only way to break these generational curses is repentance. The Lord is shaking up this country and I have faith that one day, these curses are going to be broken. The key is getting down on our faces before the Lord, and repenting on behalf of our fathers before us. There is hope for this beautiful nation, and that Hope is Jesus Christ.

Haiti has HOPE! It's Jesus!

Everyday we need to be reminded of this hope. Sometimes it's just so hard to not become overwhelmed with the suffering that takes place here. The Lord is Sovereign. He is already doing a work now and I can't wait to see all that He is going to do! He knows all and I have hope that one day this nation is going to change!

One day....

Fathers will return to the children.

Husbands will return to their wives.

The Broken will be made whole!

The tears will turn into tears of Joy!

The bond in chains, will dance like Angels!

The hungry will no longer be hungry.

The Orphan will have a home....

Oh Lord Jesus, how we anxiously wait for this day! To God's name be the glory forever and ever!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh you toe!

So once upon a time, about 4 weeks ago, Ari was playing tag with Cendy. Like always, she didn't have any shoes since being the clumsy person that she is, she tripped on her big toe and hacked off a huge peice of skin. Being Amazing, Erta came to the rescue and helped her clean up her pathetic toe....Patrick helped out too, and VIOLA! It was cleaned and bandaged! Happily ever after? So I thought...

Yesterday I went to the hospital because my toe was just not healing for some reason. I have always had toe issues, so I really didn't think much of it. After many nights of cleaning it and taking Mom finally looked at it and said we needed to go to a doctor. We went to a hospital about an hour from where we live. The doctor took one look at it and said I needed surgery. Ah! I have the wonderful ingrown toe nail....oh joy. So this saturday, they're putting me down, and cutting the toenail. gah!

They did a couple tests on me for the surgery, yesterday, and I don't know, but has anyone ever heard of doing tests from the ear?! After the guy had taken blood from my arm he told me he was going to peirce my ear. I just looked at him and started laughing. He told me to take my earring off and I just kept saying, "M' pa kwe! M' pa kwe!" Laughing hysterically. He wasn't kidding....he poked my ear like 8 times. I was still in a state of shock, while blood my dripping from my ear. Oh dear, He probably thought I was so dumb. baha.

So yeah! First time I'm getting surgery is in Haiti....shoot a prayer up, if you remember on Saturday! This should be interesting...