Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blessed Be His Name.

There is this song that has always been kind of like our "theme song" since moving to Haiti. Most of the people that read this blog will probably know it- It's called Blessed be Your Name.

For years I have been singing this song and I have always sang "you give and take heart with chose to say, Blessed me your name."

When the earthquake hit, we sang that song, and I couldn't bring myself to sing the "you give and take away" part. A dear friend of mine died in the earthquake and thoughts of him would go through my head when we sang that song. I knew that he was in heaven, but my heart ached because the Lord had taken him away, and the words "Blessed be Your Name" were just too hard to spit out. I didn't know if I could ever really sing those words again and truly mean it....

But then Jesus brought Adriano....
I didn't even know that such a tiny person can inpact my life in such a big way.

Adriano is a twin and was born much weaker than his sister, Adriana. We had known him and his family for some time now, and after a couple visits to his place, myself and a couple others began to realize that he wasn't doing too well. His sister was getting plump and beautiful and he was skin and bones. I think because he was born weak, his mom thought he was gonna die, so she decided to atleast take care of his sister. Coming in and seeing the situation was so sad. After visiting a couple of times, the little baby boy became so heavy upon my heart, that I asked if we could take care of him and help his mom out, atleast for a couple of months. Our friend, doctor Eddie looked at him and said that he was gonna die if something wasn't done, so we asked the mother if we could nurse him back to health and then when he's all better, give him back to her. She agreed and gave us her little boy.

This little child has been the joy of my life. Seeing him get better everyday, watching him grow stronger and seeing him eat so well, has been the most amazing thing I've ever seen. He's absolutely beautiful; he's like a little Angel that shines love wherever he goes. Having this opportunity to be his caregiver has absolutely changed my life...I don't even know how to describe it.
The Lord takes away...but He also gives.

The Lord took away one of my best friends, who blessed the world with who he was. He was amazing and loved Jesus, and shared Jesus' love till the end of his days. We loved him so much and he will forever be in our hearts...

Through death, the Lord brought life. He gave Adriano a second chance at living...

The Lord gives and takes away, my heart will chose to say, Blessed be His Name.

We loved you so much, Daniel. You will always and forever be in our hearts. Can't wait to see you in Heaven!

Our little Angel, Adriano.