Monday, May 17, 2010

Wedding Time!

Church in the middle of no where, trucks piled with people, dog chilling on the floor, pastor fast asleep, wedding starting late...but yet the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen in my life.
My sweet friend Syliviana got married Saturday. The man that she married, she's been with for a quite a few years now. They have three beautiful children together, and now that they're both following the Lord, they finally decided to do it right. We were so so happy for her and it was such a blessing to be able to share with her on her special day!

The wedding preperations didn't take that long, surprisingly, and the wedding party and everyone else were only an hour in a half late. Ok...maybe thats a big deal, but it was much better timing than the other Haitian weddings I've been to! The Church was in the middle of no where and when we finally got there, there was a Church service going on. Apparently, since we were a little late, the Pastor just decided to start a service preaching. When we arrived, it was almost completely full with people from the congregation. People from tents around the church were also peeking in and pulling up chairs around the church.

The Bride and Groom waited patiently for their time, and inbetween the Pastor falling in and out of sleep, the ceremony finally began. The people from the church congregation stayed for the wedding-which I found hilarious- but hey! If I were them, I would probably want to stay for a random wedding too!

Sylviana and her husband took their vows, and the Pastor kept forgetting what her name was and kept calling her Julianna. She didn't seem to mind much, though and just seemed to be happy to be getting married. When they finished their vows, they shared in the traditionally kiss and everyone clapped and went and congratulated the newly wed couple.

The wedding was short and sweet, and for the reception we all went to her one roomed house. Since there wasn't enough room for everyone in her home, they set up chairs in her yard and everyone shared in coca cola and Pates. It was beautiful.

Her wedding was the sweetest, humblest wedding I've ever been to and it was absolutely perfect. It really made me look at things differently and what really truly matters. For myself, being the hopeless romantic that I am, have always loved weddings and especially big beautiful ones. I've always loved the color cordination, the tons of flowers, the music...
This wedding had no bridmaides to color cordinate, the only flowers were the fake ones the bride was holding and the only music was the worship being sung, acapela, by the people in the church. The reason this couple got married wasn't for the stuff, it was because they loved each other and the wanted a seal on the commitment to live the rest of their lives together. Admist the chaos and the pastor forgetting her name, or falling in and out of sleep...they still seemed so happily in love and thankful to be there. The Lord is so good :) Thank you Jesus for Marriage.