Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Praise Jesus!

This says it all. The Lord is soooo good! :

Hi guys, Just home from Philadelphia after Adriano's surgery. Thought you would be interested in knowing he had a lot more wrong with his heart than initially expected. Of course Adriano went on the heart-lung machine (or by-pass) for the procedure. First of all, the hole in his heart was very large and was successfully patched. He also had some structural malformations which required some "rewiring" and relocation before the repair took place. This was so the oxygenated blood would reach the correct heart chambers once the repair was completed. He had two leaky heart valves which were repaired along with his pulmonary stenosis which was also fixed. The surgeon said he has done hundreds of heart repairs but this was the biggest hole he's seen in a child of Adriano's size. The whole thing took about seven hours. When they took Adriano off by-pass his heart started right up in normal sinus rhythm which is ideal and they weren't expecting. Many children have to stay on by-pass for several days before their heart becomes strong enough to function on it's own. Not so with Adriano and this really surprised the surgeon. (not us of course)They are talking about taking out his breathing tube tomorrow as he is breathing on his own now and even about sending him home in just a few days. What a miracle. If he eats, and maintains weight he'll go home. So we need to pray him through a few more days, but the hard part is done!! The doctor said Adriano's heart was only functioning at 10% of normal and that you guys did an incredible job of keeping him alive for those many days and weeks. His malformation was truly not survivable and he got to Philly in the nick of time. Yeah God! The Roses are taking wonderful care of him. They are truly amazing people and they have inspired the entire hospital. They simply never left his side even through his three weeks in the hospital. Adriano has seriously won every heart in the place. He maintains his penchant for blondes and is quite a big flirt since he's gotten a little meat on his bones. He'll probably not feel like flirting for a few days now, but just be prepared to hear stories. The surgeon did say he hadn't a single fat cell, so don't worry about him getting bulky just yet. The picture of him right after surgery might look grim to the lay folks, but to us in the trade, he looks just fantastic. He's asleep in the photo, his eyes are just open a bit. His lungs have suffered some "permanent" damage from the fluid backup but I say they just don't know our God. I say the same thing about his "Down Syndrome diagnosis. Our God is bigger. I just can't imagine how Adriano managed to stay alive and grow at all with 10% of normal cardiac output. What a fighter! So, congratulations to everyone who prayed, who loved, who touched, who hovered, who cared. I say "great work, team." Love, Ardith

I can't even get over how amazingly faithful our Lord is! Thank you all SO much for your prayers - We can't even wait to see all that the Lord has in store for this little man's life. He's already doing so much through him already!

I just want to hold him in my arms right now...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Prayer for Adriano

Adriano gets his surgery in two days. Please continue to keep praying for this little man. The Lord is so good and I know that His hand is upon him. Just please be praying that the surgery goes well and that Jesus will give him the strength to get through it.

Here are some pictures his host family sent :

gosh, how I miss that smile!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God is SO good!

We just got news today on how Adriano is doing, from his host family in PA. Heres the message :

Greater news today, Adriano is still gaining weight and we learned late yesterday afternoon his surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. At this point he weighs in at a hefty 9.031 lbs and has had an average daily weight gain of 28.125 grams per day! He will be getting a lot of tests tomorrow in preparation for surgery so pray he passes with flyingcolors!

The Lord Jesus is SO good! Please be praying for the little man and his surgery this upcoming Wednesday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adriano in the STATES!

Sweet little Adriano is in the States now, getting medical treatment. After much much prayer and the amazing help of our nurses at MDL, Ashley and Brooke, the Lord provided a visa for him to go. The Lord is SO faithful!

He is staying in PA with a sweet family for the next couple of months. He will be getting surgery on his heart soon, so if you all could all be praying for him, that would be wonderful! We're not quite sure yet when his surgery will be, but as soon I find out I will definitely post it on here.

My heart aches so much from missing him and saying goodbye was painful- but I know that this is God's plan, and my little one, that all of us love so much, will be back here soon.

I love you sweet boy.