Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adriano in the STATES!

Sweet little Adriano is in the States now, getting medical treatment. After much much prayer and the amazing help of our nurses at MDL, Ashley and Brooke, the Lord provided a visa for him to go. The Lord is SO faithful!

He is staying in PA with a sweet family for the next couple of months. He will be getting surgery on his heart soon, so if you all could all be praying for him, that would be wonderful! We're not quite sure yet when his surgery will be, but as soon I find out I will definitely post it on here.

My heart aches so much from missing him and saying goodbye was painful- but I know that this is God's plan, and my little one, that all of us love so much, will be back here soon.

I love you sweet boy.


  1. love him, love you. God is goood.

  2. I love that boy! You are amazing Ari and a true inspiration! I love watching you with those kids, wish I were there now! Much Love- Lee

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