Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God is SO good!

We just got news today on how Adriano is doing, from his host family in PA. Heres the message :

Greater news today, Adriano is still gaining weight and we learned late yesterday afternoon his surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. At this point he weighs in at a hefty 9.031 lbs and has had an average daily weight gain of 28.125 grams per day! He will be getting a lot of tests tomorrow in preparation for surgery so pray he passes with flyingcolors!

The Lord Jesus is SO good! Please be praying for the little man and his surgery this upcoming Wednesday.


  1. All Praises to the Lord! What wonderful news. I didn't spend much time with Adriano while in Haiti for Camp-in-a-Box 2010, but I did hold him for a few precious moments and caught a smile (the most beautiful smile). We will all be in prayer for the healing hands of God to be upon him and that all that come into contact with Adriano be the extension of Grace from He who is Grace.

  2. P.S. WAY COOL site @ Daphne! I'm so stoked!!!!