Saturday, November 29, 2008


Wow! So many great things have happened since my last blog entry! Lets see if I can cover some of the things....

My sweet cousin, Nikkie came in on the 21st and stayed with us for a week. It was her first trip to Haiti, and she loved it! It was such a blessing to have her here, especially for Thanksgiving. Kind of felt like old was great. I miss Nikkie tremendously, already...but until we see her again, we'll be anxiously awaiting return! Come back soon Nikster!

My Mom and Nikkie both left yesterday for California. My Mom is going for a friend of ours wedding and also for a doctors appointment. They want to check if she's still cancer free. Please be keeping her in your prayers! Her appointmet is Tuesday, December 2nd.
Our MDL kids got up and prayed for her at 6am this morning. They walked up to the hill thats behind our house and prayed for her. People that live in the ravine joined them and also prayed for her. I couldn't get up at 6am this morning...but my dad, who went, told me it was really awesome.

At the moment, Renald and I are trying to put together a Christmas program that will be taking place the 20th of December. The MDL kids are going to be putting it on for the kids that live in the neighborhood and in the ravine. The program will consist of a Nativity skit, a dance put on by the girls, scripture reading, songs, and a hip hop dance that some of the boys and girls will do. Fritz will also we bringing forth the Gospel message. I am really excited about it! We're just praying that everything will get done that needs to get done and that Jesus will get the glory through it all!

Today, Denite, one of the girls from our girls home, came over to spend the day with us. She was having nightmares last night about her Dad dying. She woke up crying and was really sad all morning. She was really missing her family, especially her twin brother Zolo, so my Dad decided to take her to our house to just spend some time with us. Her and I talked and she told me a little bit about her family. Her mom passed away, but from what she knows, her Dad is still alive in the country side. She told me about her brothers and sisters and how old they were and how she and Zolo are the babies of the family. Her face would just brighten up whenever she talked about her twin brother. It was so sweet. She is such a beautiful girl! Her smile and laugh is SO contagious!

After we all ate lunch, I thought that it would be fun to make some Christmas cookies with Denite. I know it's still November and all, but I really felt like Christmas sugar cookies were calling our names! It had to be done. So Denite and I started making the cookies and we slowly pulled Caleb into it, too. We all had such a wonderful time! Denite couldn't stop laughing whenever Caleb would mess up his cookie or make it too small. She would just start cracking up and would just roll it up again and make him do it over. We had so much fun! Brooke, some of the little MDL kids and my little siblings decorated the cookies. I wasn't there when they decorated them, but when I got back, the cookies look amazing! Thanks Brooke! You're incredible!

Everyday I am reminded of God's love and faithfulness. Everday I just see His love through these beautiful children here. Everyday He amazes me...Just seeing Denite smile today and laugh just brought so much joy into my heart. This young girl used to beg on the streets, trying to get as much money as she can to bring back to her family. She used to dodge the cars that went by and when then would stop, she would go to their windows and ask for money or food. This little girl whose has been through so much, but yet she can still smile her beautiful smile and laugh out of the joy that is in her heart. You can just see Jesus' love on her. She is just so genuinely beautiful inside and out. She shines so bright! When I grow up I wanna be like her :)

Ephesians 5:1-2
Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a sweet smelling-smelling aroma.

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  1. Ariiiiiiii, I really really miss you. And Denite, and just everyone. Urgh, It kills me! ANd your blog makes me happy (well the other one made me cry but I loved this one!) see you in February (si Bondye vle!) I love you guys!