Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New Season

The Lord has been teaching me a lot about seasons. I've realized that there is a season for everything, and every season walking with Jesus, He wants to teach us, grow us and draw us closer to Himself.

Growing up, I have always had a really hard time with change. Change is what I had to do my whole life, though, from moving numerous times, traveling and making new friends, than having to say goodbyes constantly. It was tough for a little girl and it got harder every time. Moving to Haiti was definitely the biggest change I went through and it was rough in the beginning, like change always is, but it ended up being the biggest blessing of my life. I look back now, on all those times change had to take place and the seasons that the Lord was bringing me through. Through all the tears and all the goodbyes and all the changes, the Lord was teaching me to lean on Him as He drew me in closer to Himself. He was preparing me for Haiti where Satan is so visably active, that we know that Jesus is the only one that we could depend on and put our full hope in.

My family and I's 6th year anniversary in Haiti is coming up,( crazy how times flies!!) and through those six years the Lord has brought us indivually and together through many different seasons. It has been so beautiful to see the Lord's faithfulness through it all. He is so amazing and I am so thankful for all that He's done.

About two months ago or so, I felt like the Lord put it heavy upon my heart to step into a new season. I was nervous at first because it was out of my comfort zone, but that just made it clearer that I had to go. The Lord doesn't call us to stay where its safe and comfortable to us, He call us to step out in faith. So...for the next 5 months, I'm living in Florida. I'm staying with my lovely Cuban grandparents. They speak more Spanish than English, so its been a bit challenging at times, but I love it. I'm hoping to go back to Haiti trilingual. ha! We shall see. This time with my Grandparents has been so precious and I'm cherishing every moment. I'm not really sure what Jesus has planned for this new season, but I'm excited and looking forward to it!

I will be getting some more updates on Adriano soon, that I will definitely be posting on here. Even though there will not be any, "life in Haiti" posts for a while, I will still continue to update you all on the little man as much as I can.

Love you all! xo

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