Thursday, August 27, 2009

13th day.

It is now my 13th day living at the girls home. I can't even believe how fast time flies! Things have been going great, challenging at times, but great. The Lord has been teaching so much just by living amongst my sisters in Christ and watching the way they live their lives. Seeing their differences and the way they use the gifts that God has given them is inspiring. Spending more time with the girls and getting to know them better has been amazing. They make me laugh so much througout the day, just by the silly things they do and the funny things they say. They've been teaching me more creole and they are in the process of teaching me 'Jago' which is a jibberish way of speaking creole. I don't even know how to explain how this language works....but apparently as soon as you learn it you're 'Haitian'. ha. They get a kick out of it whenever I try to speak it because the only thing I know how to say is 'don't say that.' So whenever they're speaking it I just break out and say 'pa-ga di-gi sa-ga' and they just give me these looks like ''re dumb.' ha.

I'll post some pictures and things on here, as soon as I get the chance, of some of the things have that been going on here lately. As of right now I gotta run, but I'll post more later!

Love you all!

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  1. I love you soooo much! And I miss you so much it hurts!!!!
    I had to tell you somehow, and your facebooks pretty much gone haha!
    I've been thinking about you all day! urgh!
    I know, thats not stalkerish at all ;)
    The girls are too cute with their matching shirts.
    you're blogs make a Haiti longing heart happy, thank you!
    Please update me on Oline, and Katrina sometime-miss them so much.
    Ok...I'm done(:
    Praying I get to see you soon...