Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby love.

He's finally here! My new sweet god son, Alehandro was born, September 13th at 4am. I wrote about his mom and his brother Angelo a couple blog posts ago. His mom is a really sweet friend of mine that I met a couple of months back. When we first met, it was like an instant connection. This little family has been such a blessing from God.
Little Alehandro has an infection at the moment, so if you could all be praying for him, that would be wonderful! The doctor that delivered him cut the chord totally wrong, so now his belly button is infected. We have been cleaning it and it seems to be healing well, but if it gets any worse it can be very dangerous for the baby. Please be keeping him in your prayers! they get much cuter than this?!


  1. aaawwww i bet she is sooo small without that big belly lol tell her i love her and miss her!

  2. He is soooo cute!! Praying for him :)
    I love your new blog look- Karina is soooooo beautiful! Kiss her for me? please?

  3. ARRIIIIII!!! miss you!! i am so glad i found your blog on dana's blog! i just read all of your entries and got a little caught up with you. love you so much. you inspire me. so excited to see you in nov and dec. si bondye vle of course :)

    email me!