Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Yvenel and Estaline!

Meet our new kids -Yvenel and Estaline!

Aren't they precious?!

Their mom passed away about two weeks ago. She was headed out to church with her family and she all of a sudden started having trouble breathing. She died in a matter of seconds...
Her mother, the kids grandmother, brought Yvenel and Estaline to us about 4 days after their mother had died. We really felt like the Lord wanted to take in these precious kids, and so far they have been doing great! Yvenel is such a sweetheart and Estaline is everyones little princess at the girls home. I thought that Daphne would probably have a hard time because she's no longer the baby of the house...but to my surprise, she adores Estaline!

As you can see ^^

Umm as for Estaline....I don't think she likes Daphne as much. ha. eh-one day they'll be the bestest of friends. :)


  1. ahh Ari, they are sooo freaking precious I could die. How do you refrain from kissing that Estaline allll the time? Those eyes too, omygoshhh!!

  2. im in love! i cant wait to meet them :D